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If you do not attend a Cambridge School it is possible for you to sit Cambridge examinations by making an entry as a private candidate (this includes home educated students).

Examinations are held in line with the New Zealand academic year and take place in October/November. The June session is not available to Private Candidates.

Approved Cambridge Centres are able to offer and arrange private candidate services directly with applicants. This excludes candidates who are already enrolled in another Cambridge centre. Private candidates cannot enter for or sit their examinations at more than one Cambridge Centre during any one examination series.

Please note that certain Syllabuses or options are not available to private candidates, and this is detailed in the specific syllabus under the availability heading. Each Cambridge Centre will determine which of the approved syllabuses they will offer.

Private candidate applications will be considered on an individual case-by-case basis only. Cambridge does not enter into third party (group or organisation) agreements.

Cambridge Centres approved for private candidate applications for 2017 are:

Springbank School
Huanui College
Wentworth College
Pinehurst School
ACG Parnell College
St Peter's College
Carey College
Macleans College
ACG Strathallan
Pukekohe Christian School
St Paul's Collegiate School
Western Heights High School
St. Dominic's College
Chilton Saint James School
Christchurch Boys' High School
Waitaki Boys' High School
Southland Girls' High School

The process for private candidates will operate as follows:
  • Private candidates identify potential Cambridge Centres via the 'Find A School' service on the Cambridge public website or though the ACSNZ website
  • Private candidates approach Cambridge Centres directly and negotiate potential entries, preferably prior to the start of study
  • Cambridge Centres agree and confirm possible examination entries and invoice private candidates (Cambridge entry fee plus private candidate standard fee)
  • Cambridge Centres advise private candidates of Cambridge examination requirements
  • Private candidate entries are submitted along with Centre entries by the set deadline
  • Statement of Entries and examination sitting arrangements are sent to private candidates by the Cambridge Centre
  • Private candidates complete their examinations at the Cambridge Centre
  • Private candidate scripts are processed along with Centre candidate scripts
  • Result documentation is sent to private candidates by the Cambridge Centre

Fees Structure for Private Candidates:

In order for schools to recover the associated costs with offering private candidate examination services, a standard fee will be charged and retained by the host school. This fee is in addition to the Cambridge entry fee for any syllabus, as outlined in the Fees Schedule.

The standard fee is NZ$100 plus GST ($115 inc GST) per subject/level (excluding AS Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

AS Biology, Chemistry and Physics (where available) is NZ$200 plus GST ($230 inc GST) due to the additional examination materials cost for the Practical Test assessments.

Note: examination entries will not be submitted if fees are outstanding. Submissions/amendments after the set deadline will incur additional late fees.


The offering of examination services to private candidates is a matter between the Cambridge Centre and individual private candidates, except in that all Cambridge protocols and regulations relating to examination processes must be strictly adhered to. Cambridge International Examinations and Cambridge Centres are under no obligation to offer access to Cambridge International Examinations to private candidates.

Cambridge International Examinations and ACSNZ will not engage in disputes between Centres and private candidates.

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